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Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan/ Support a Healthy Gynecological Function


Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan is a regarded ancient Chinese medicine that removes Blood stasis. It is mostly used to support a healthy gynecological function.

How to use:

8 pills each time, 3 times per day, 30mins after meal.

200 pills per bottle.



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Ancient Formula Removes Blood Stasis

Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan has been used for centuries to support comfort in the uterus or during menstruation. It works to remove blood stasis. Blood stasis, according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory, is a root cause for dicomfort associated with the menstrual cycle. Think of blood stasis as a stagnant swamp. Oxygen-rich blood is unable to flow freely while metabolic wastes accumulate like algae in a pond.

This TCM remedy won’t work immediately; it’s recommended that you take Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan for a minimum of four weeks.

Although this Chinese medicine has been used mostly for women, it can be used for men as well, to promote blood circulation. In fact, some Chinese herbal doctors regard Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan as the most powerful herbal formula that removes Blood stasis.

How Does Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan Work?

The five all-natural herbs in Gui Zhi Fu Ling Pian work synergistically to promote blood circulation, and to remove Blood stasis.

The first herb in this formula (the formula’s namesake), Gui Zhi (Cinnamon twig), is warm in nature. It warms Yang energy, warms and unblocks the channels. It also promotes sweating and relaxes muscles.

Fu Ling (Poria) is the second major herb appearing in the formula name. It strengthens the Spleen and leaches out dampness. Together the two herbs set the foundation to move Blood and remove stasis.

Tao Ren (Peach kernel) strongly invigorates the blood and dispels blood stasis. It also moistens the intestines and moves the bowels.

Mu Dan Pi (Tree Peony bark) clears heat and cools the blood. It also invigorates the blood and dispels blood stasis.

Bai Shao (Peony root) harmonizes the Liver, regulates menstruation, and relieves discomfort.

Does Research Support Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan?

Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan is the most commonly prescribed Chinese herbal formula for supporting normal gynecological function


Ramulus Cinnamomi 20%, Poria 20%, Cortex Moutan 20%, Radix Paeoniac Alba 20%, Semen Persicae 20%



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